Your private part (vagina) is one of the delicate organs that needs to be handled with maximum care. Also, many women don’t realize that the actual vagina cleans itself and they try to wash it with soap but it’s not necessary, just focus mainly on cleaning the area around the vagina which is the vulva.

Here are some tips that will be of a great help:

  1. Always use gentle soaps without fragrances: Harsh and scented soaps can cause irritation or an allergic reaction on the vulva and this will affect you, always use gentle soaps without fragrances only.
  2. Wear Cotton undies only: When it comes to your underwear selection, your vagina has a preference which is cotton. That’s why most undies come with a strip of cotton in the crotch and this allows your vagina to receive the needed air.
  3. Keep the undergarments dry always: Not wiping the vagina after urinating can cause the panties to get wet, which can not only lead to bad odor but put you at risk of vaginal infections. Hence, it is always advised to wipe the area using toilet paper or a soft cloth so your underwear is always dry.
  4. Say no to scented feminine hygiene products: It is not a good idea to use feminine hygiene products such as scented wipes, vaginal deodorants or scrubs to keep the vagina healthy.
  5. Avoid wearing tight clothes: Most experts recommend that you should wear undergarments made from breathable fabrics like cotton. This is because wearing tight clothes and inners made from synthetic fabrics cause sweating due to reduced air circulation. Excessive sweating and moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria and yeast, causing vaginal infection.                                                       #momsandbabieshub #blogsinnigeria #careermums #mothersinnigeria #motherhood #parentingblogs #nanny #parenting #lagosmum #privatepart #vagina #career #motherandchild #mothers

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