Wearing a baby carrier is a great way for you and your little one to be close and connected while you get things done. However, there are some safety precautions that must be kept in place at all time.

  • Practice using the carrier without Baby at first: Try using the carrier, but don’t put your baby in it yet. Instead, you can use a doll, a stuffed animal, or even a bag of flour so you can have some weight in the carrier. Practice putting on the carrier and taking it off, have someone help, but do some solo run-throughs too.
  • Support the head and neck: Until your baby has control of his head and neck, it’s essential that the carrier provide support. Infant should not be carried outward facing until they have complete control. Pay close attention to the front-, hip- and back-carry age guidelines for the carrier you purchase.
  • Keep baby’s face clear: Infants who haven’t gained full neck and body control need the support of an inward-facing front-carry position, but this can limit air intake if you’re not careful. Ensure your baby’s face is visible and her chin is not tucked, as this compresses the airway.
  • Check for wear and tear: Double-check all buckles and harnesses, and make sure there is no loose stitching, before each outing.
  • Think safety first when out and about: Never drink hot liquids while baby wearing and if you need to pick something up, bend at the knee, not the hip, supporting baby with one hand.

Having kept all these precautions in mind, you are safe to use the baby carrier for your baby.


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