Your menstrual cycle might be a little different from how it used to be before pregnancy. There might be severe or no cramps due to an increase amount of uterine lining that needs to be shed, your period might be sticky, it might heavier or reduced or irregular, all these depends on maybe you have vaginal delivery or cesarean section or maybe you breastfeed (exclusively) or bottle feed.


Breastfeeding moms might not see their periods throughout the entire time they are nursing their baby especially for those that practice exclusive breastfeeding i.e. babies only take breast milk for as long as 6 months)  but for those that are not breastfeeding or those that do not practice exclusive, periods might return a couple of weeks after delivery.

Breastfeeding moms might not menstruate as early  as possible because of the hormone Prolactin ( hormone needed for the produce of breast milk) Prolactin can suppress reproductive hormones therefore they might not ovulate or release an egg for fertilization and without this process you won’t likely menstruate.

You might experience some changes once your period does return, changes like decrease in milk supply or your baby rejecting it due to changes in it’s taste, this is due to the hormonal changes in your body.


There might be different complications after delivery as the woman body is still adjusting to lots of changes. These complications might be as a result of thyroid dysfunction or adenomyosis ( thickening of the uterus) this can cause heavy bleeding.

Light period after pregnancy can be due to Asherman syndrome or Sheehan syndrome.  Asherman syndrome leads to scar tissue in the uterus while Sheehan syndrome is caused by the damage in the pituitary gland which can be as a result of severe blood loss during labor.

There might be need to see your doctor if:

* You experience bleeding with severe or sudden pain

* You use more than one pad within an hour

* You have fever, severe headache

* You have foul smelling discharge or blood clots that are too large

* Your flow runs more than 7 days

* You experience pain while urinating.

It’s normal for your period to fluctuate during your first year of postpartum especially if you are breastfeeding.


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