Childbirth is a very happy time, when you finally meet the little human who has been growing inside of you for nine months.

Having a baby through cesarean section will definitely have an impact on the mother’s mental and physical health after birth and recovery after this section would take more time that it would have been if you had a vaginal delivery.

Here are some tips that would help to speed up your recovery process, so that you can spend more time with your baby instead of getting tired easily.

  • Get enough rest

Rest is very important after child birth especially after going through a caesarean section (Surgery), although, this might not be so achievable at both ends because newborns sleep for few hours before getting up to eat, rest for a while whenever your baby rests or naps because this is the first stage in the healing process.

  • Request for a helping hand

New babies are always demanding and as a new mum who did surgery, it’s not so possible to stay alone with the baby without asking for help, speak out and get help from your partner, extended family or trusted neighbor/ friend.

  • Eat well and eat right

Good nutrition/ balanced diet is very important after delivery just as it was during pregnancy. Good nutrition is very important because it’s your baby’s primary source of nutrition while breastfeeding and research shows that eating vegetables while breastfeeding gives flavors in the breastmilk which increases their enjoyment and consumption rate of those vegetables as they grow. Also, drink plenty fluids especially water because this would help to boost your breast milk supply and to avoid constipation.

  • Take pain reliever to manage the pain

Managing pain is very important because you need to work on other demands of a new mom, hence takin pain reliever as prescribed by your doctor is very important.

  • Be watchful of infections

Infections are very dangerous especially after the surgery, so the doctor advise that new mothers should take their own temperature every 24 hours for monitoring. Other signs new moms have to take note of includes; swelling, intense pain, chest pain, pain in the breast, bad smell from the vagina or heavy vagina, red streaks coming from the incision or chills, kindly contact your doctor once that is noticed.

Above all, never compare yourself with other new moms that went through surgery because every woman has her own different experience and never allow someone see you as an inferior personnel. Focus more on your body, give your body enough time to heal up and get back to normal.


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