According to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), breast milk is the best nutrition for infants. Babies should be breastfed exclusively for the first six months; then other foods have been introduced. AAP encourages mothers to continue to breastfeed until the baby is at least a year old, and as long after that as both mother and child are willing.

Breastfed babies have fewer infections and hospitalizations than formula-fed infants. During breastfeeding, antibodies and other germ-fighting factors pass from a mother to her baby and strengthen the immune system. This helps lower a baby’s chances of getting many infections and it also protects the babies against allergies, asthma, diabetes, obesity and so many infections.

Breast milk is good for your baby body in so many ways than formula, some of the ways are;

  • It provides natural antibodies that help your baby resist illnesses.
  • It’s usually more easily digested than formula. So breastfed babies are often less constipated and gassy.
  • It may lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in the first year of your baby’s life.
  • It may raise your child’s intelligence. Studies show breastfed babies have higher levels of cognitive function.
  • Breast milk may even help your child in later years, by reducing the risk of being overweight.
  • It also brings bonding between the mother and child.
  • Breast milk can also be pumped which will allow for public feedings and other family members to participate in feeding.

Bottle feeding (Formula) on the other hand is an alternative when the breast milk isn’t available but it shouldn’t be the go to food.

Research shows that babies who are breastfeed during the first year of life experience a reduced incidence of gastrointestinal, ear and respiratory tract infections. “Breastfed infants seem to have a 25%-75% reduction in infections, with better protection associated with exclusive breastfeeding.” The main reason babies experience a reduced rate on infection is breast milk transfers immunity from the mother to the baby.

Breastfeeding is very important for your baby’s growth and it’s advisable for babies to be fed wit breastmilk except on circumstances that won’t grant the access.


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