• Myth: Breastfeeding for too long spoils babies

Truth:    Breastfeeding helps a child to form healthy bond, it neither spoils a child nor make them too dependent on you. You should continue breastfeeding as much as you and your baby desire it. 2 years or more isn’t out of place. Children who breastfeed longer get the maximal protective benefits from breastmilk, and they are probably more secure and independent


  • Myth: Formula perfectly matches breastmilk

Truth:    Breastmilk is custom made!!! It changes to fit your child’s age and development. Contains vitamins, minerals, antivirus, antibodies and immunity to infection prevalent where you are. It’s natural, free, fresh, safe and always at the right temperature anytime, anywhere for their enjoyment.



  • Myth: Breastfeeding works for some people and not for others

Truth:    The art of breastfeeding is learnt by both mother and child; some get it right quickly while some need sessions of practice and support.  If your mother or sister had problem breastfeeding it doesn’t mean you have to or will. Ability to breastfeed does not run in families. Breastfeeding should not hurt, if it does you need more training and help, giving up is not an option.


  • Myth: My breast size affects breastfeeding for me

Truth:    All Breast size and nipple are great for breastfeeding. All breasts can make as much milk as your baby needs. Continuous stimulation and the right diet regardless of breast size gives you the adequate balance.


  • Myth: If you are working mom… don’t even start it

Truth:   Early and frequent breastfeeding are keys to long-term success.  You build a large milk supple than can be pumped while you are away. With proper planning and good support your child benefits from breast milk even while you are away. Remember every drop counts and nourishes your baby


  • Myth: Breastfeeding alone is not enough for babies

Truth:    In the first 6 months breastmilk is balanced, enough and adequate for your baby. H needs no other supplement, not even water. After 6 months breastmilk is a good addition to keep them satisfied and healthy every time. No other food is a good as your breast milk!!


  • Myth: Your breast milk becomes sour and not healthy for baby if you have days or weeks breaks in breastfeeding

Truth:    NO!!! You can resume breastfeeding whenever you want to if you have to take breaks for travelling of being separate from your baby. Breast milk is always fresh and ready. It is self-regulated by the body and never goes sour or stale at anytime


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